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YDC Young Entrepreneur Challenge 2014
Upcoming Events

  OCT -   DEC


Briefing Sessions in Tertiary Institutions

 31 DEC


Round 1: Deadline for Registration and Questionnaire Submission

 24 JAN


Entrepreneurial Forum 1: "Are You Ready and Hungry to be the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs?"

 28 JAN


Announcement of qualified teams for Round 2

 7 MAR


Entrepreneurial Forum 2: "Inside the Mind of a Successful Entrepreneur"

 16 MAR


Round 2: Deadline of Submission of Business Plan (5 pages) and 3-minute Visual Presentation

 18 APR


Announcement of Finalist Teams

 18 APR


Entrepreneurial Forum 3: "Passion and the Entrepreneur: Idea can be Good, but Where are Execution and Persistence?"

 24 APR


*Networking Event: Fireside Chat 1 & Meet Your Mentor

End APR -   JUN


Mentorship Program

 29 MAY


*Networking event: Fireside Chat 2

 6 JUN


Final Judging Day & Final Round: Presentation

 16 JUN


Awards Presentation Ceremony

 24 JUL


*Networking event: Fireside Chat 3

  1 AUG - 31 OCT


Winning teams attending related Conference and Workshops in Asia

  28 OCT - 8 NOV


*InnoCarnival 2015

  15 NOV - 30 NOV


Focus Group Discussion


Round 2 Qualifiers

After the comprehensive evaluation of the executive summaries by the Panel of Judges of Preliminary Round, total 21 teams have been selected to enter the next phase of the competition. The list is shown below:


Award Registration No. Team Name Project Title
HK150001 Tech4Future Free-View
HK150004 DRUNKEN ice-cream DRUNKEN ice-cream - the alcoholic ice-cream you indulge in.
HK150007 UNlimited Institute Micro-finance in Rural Cambodia
HK150008 VICCIR 3D printing service
HK150009 NGgear Fit-Kick Fit-Kick
HK150010 EchoBond EchoBond
HK150013 Apex Travellist
HK150014 Master of House Off Campus Student Hostel
HK150017 ONLY ONE Oneline Queue
HK150023 Appic Voyage 4ever
HK150026 EasyGreen EasyGreen
HK150027 Put On Put On
HK150032 Rewards+ Rewards+
HK150035 Ujox UJox
HK150036 E-Buddy Homex hotel
HK150038 JAM Sally – Human Searching Robots in Fire Accident Sites
HK150040 No Pain More Gain No Pain More Gain
HK150044 Zen 民以食为天 (You are what you eat)
HK150049 R-guardian R-guardian Anti-Loss System
HK150050 ParkSmart Park Smart


Congratulations to the above teams.

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to email us at info@ydc.org.hk .




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