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YDC Young Entrepreneur Challenge 2014
Upcoming Events

  OCT -   DEC


Briefing Sessions in Tertiary Institutions

 31 DEC


Round 1: Deadline for Registration and Questionnaire Submission

 24 JAN


Entrepreneurial Forum 1: "Are You Ready and Hungry to be the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs?"

 28 JAN


Announcement of qualified teams for Round 2

 7 MAR


Entrepreneurial Forum 2: "Inside the Mind of a Successful Entrepreneur"

 16 MAR


Round 2: Deadline of Submission of Business Plan (5 pages) and 3-minute Visual Presentation

 18 APR


Announcement of Finalist Teams

 18 APR


Entrepreneurial Forum 3: "Passion and the Entrepreneur: Idea can be Good, but Where are Execution and Persistence?"

 24 APR


*Networking Event: Fireside Chat 1 & Meet Your Mentor

End APR -   JUN


Mentorship Program

 29 MAY


*Networking event: Fireside Chat 2

 6 JUN


Final Judging Day & Final Round: Presentation

 16 JUN


Awards Presentation Ceremony

 24 JUL


*Networking event: Fireside Chat 3

  1 AUG - 31 OCT


Winning teams attending related Conference and Workshops in Asia

  28 OCT - 8 NOV


*InnoCarnival 2015

  15 NOV - 30 NOV


Focus Group Discussion


Competition Format

Phase I - Preliminary Round

  1. Competition Online Registration
      - An application number is assigned to each registered team for identification purposes. This number is used for the online submission of competition entries.
  2. Entrepreneurial Forums
      - Entrepreneurial Forum 1 – Are you ready and hungry enough to be the next generation of entrepreneurs?
      - Entrepreneurial Forum 2 - Inside the mind of a successful entrepreneur.
  3. Registration and Questionnaires Submission
      - Each team submits a questionnaire from on the team information, aspirations for joining EC2015 and business idea summary (via online submission system).
      - Around 100 teams will be selected to enter the semi-final round

Phase II - Semi-final Round

  1. Entrepreneurial Forum
      - Entrepreneurial Forum 3 - Passion and the Entrepreneur: Idea can be good, but where are execution and persistence
  2. Business Plan Submission
      - 5 pages (maximum) written plan (excluding appendices, charts and graphs etc., via the online system) AND
      - 3-minute (maximum) visual presentation by video
      - 10 teams will be selected to progress to the final round
      - 60-70 teams will receive recognition certificate with judges' comments

Phase III - Final Round

  1. Mentoring Program
      - Each finalist team is paired with a seasoned entrepreneur or industry practitioner mentor, who will council, support and advise.
  2. Final Presentation
      - Presentation PowerPoint/ slides of max 10 minutes has to be submitted before the final judging day
      - Full team presentation, can be in any form, is schedule in front of a panel of judges. Each team is given 10 minutes to present and 15 minutes for Q & A session with the judging panel
  3. Award Presentation Ceremony
      - Final 10 team project showcase.
      - Top 3 teams will be announced. Winners are invited on stage to present their project as well as accept their awards.

* The "Best Visual Presentation" is an independent competition. The award is not a guarantee of progression into the final round.




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