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YDC Young Entrepreneur Challenge 2014
Upcoming Events

  JAN -   FEB


Briefing at universities in HK

  4 FEB - 28 FEB


Student Online Registration

 17 MAR


Deadline for Submission of Executive Summary (1000 words)

 29 MAR


Workshop 1: "What do you need to be the next"

 14 APR


Announcement of 36 qualified teams for Round 2 Competition

 26 APR


Workshop 2: "Inside the mind of a successful entrepreneur"

 5 MAY


Round 2 (Semi-Final Round): Deadline of Submission of Business Plan (no more than 5 pages) with one minute visual presentation

 17 MAY


Workshop 3: "Business Plans that sell"

 22 MAY


Networking event 1

  3 JUN - 11 JUL


Voting on one minute visual presentation by general public

 4 JUN


Announcement of 8 qualified finalist teams for Round 3 Competition

 7 JUN


Workshop 4: "Passion and the Entrepreneur"

 19 JUN


Networking event 2

 4 JUL


Round 3 (Final Round): Deadline of Final submission Full Business Plan with maximum 30 pages

 12 JUL


Final Round: Presentation by 10 qualified finalist teams

 17 JUL


Awards Presentation Ceremony

 21 NOV


Networking Event 3


Terms and Conditions

1. Intellectual Property Rights, Copyrights and Plagiarism
  1.1   All entries to the YDC E-Challenge 2014 must be the original work of the participants/participating teams. Participants found to have committed copyright infringement in their work will be disqualified.
  1.2   Participants found to have committed acts of plagiarism in their work will be disqualified.
  1.3   The organizer shall not be held responsible for any intellectual property violation by participants.
2. Use of Information
  2.1   All information including personal data of the participants will be used by the organizer for purposes relating to the competitions, this includes the disclosure and transfer of information to the judges and the media, posting on the official website or other official publications and for use in activities organized in the future by the Young Entrepreneurs Development Council. The information may also be used for promotion and publicizing of the events.
  2.2   Participants may be requested to attend publicity campaigns e.g. promotion activities and media interviews.
  2.3   While every effort will be made to preserve the confidentiality of each submission. It is suggested that highly sensitive materials, such as patent-able technical drawings or formulae, be excluded from the entry. The responsibility for the protection of intellectual property ultimately lies upon the participants.
3. General Rules and Regulations
  3.1   Participants should use any software and their respective versions specified by the organizer.
  3.2   The organizer will not be responsible for computer failures due to computer viruses transmitted or any data loss due to computer failure.
  3.3   Participants are required to bring along their ID Cards or Student ID cards for identification when attending workshops, networking or presentation sessions.
  3.4   If the government announces that students need not to attend school on the day of workshop, networking or presentation sessions, these events will be postponed. New dates and relevant information will be posted on the official website.
  3.5   Any finalist team failing to attend the final presentation will be considered to have given up the right to compete.
  3.6   The organizer will not be responsible for any accidents, injuries, damage or loss of personal belongings that may occur during participation or attendance of workshops, networking, presentation sessions or any other related activities.
  3.7   Any participant who causes undue disturbance during any workshop, training, presentation sessions or related activities may be disqualified and/or expelled from the venue.
  3.8   The decision of the judging panel on all results shall be final and conclusive. No appeals will be entertained.
  3.9   The organizer reserves the right to alter or modify the rules or schedule of the competition where necessary.
  3.10   Participants shall agree with the terms and conditions and adhere to the rules and regulations set out for this competition. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify participants who fail to conform to the rules or the spirit of the competition.
  3.11   The organizer has the right of interpretation and amendment of the rules and regulations.





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