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YDC Young Entrepreneur Challenge 2014
Upcoming Events

  JAN -   FEB


Briefing at universities in HK

  4 FEB - 28 FEB


Student Online Registration

 17 MAR


Deadline for Submission of Executive Summary (1000 words)

 29 MAR


Workshop 1: "What do you need to be the next"

 14 APR


Announcement of 36 qualified teams for Round 2 Competition

 26 APR


Workshop 2: "Inside the mind of a successful entrepreneur"

 5 MAY


Round 2 (Semi-Final Round): Deadline of Submission of Business Plan (no more than 5 pages) with one minute visual presentation

 17 MAY


Workshop 3: "Business Plans that sell"

 22 MAY


Networking event 1

  3 JUN - 11 JUL


Voting on one minute visual presentation by general public

 4 JUN


Announcement of 8 qualified finalist teams for Round 3 Competition

 7 JUN


Workshop 4: "Passion and the Entrepreneur"

 19 JUN


Networking event 2

 4 JUL


Round 3 (Final Round): Deadline of Final submission Full Business Plan with maximum 30 pages

 12 JUL


Final Round: Presentation by 10 qualified finalist teams

 17 JUL


Awards Presentation Ceremony

 21 NOV


Networking Event 3


Round 2 Qualifiers

After the comprehensive evaluation of the executive summaries by the Panel of Judges of Preliminary Round, total 36 teams have been selected to enter the next phase of the competition. The list is shown below:


Award Registration No. Team Name Project Title
HK140002 Globers Phree - Printing and mailing your photos for free!
HK140006 Uhelpia Uhelpia
HK140007 IBaby Beauty Heart Mobile ECG Monitor
HK140008 Flyover Flyover
HK140009 Kaleidoscope Mobile/Tablet App-Break Time App
HK140012 Budle Budle
HK140013 Y-pioneers Voice World App Business Plan
HK140018 Choco4Dreamer Choco4Dreamer
HK140025 Tripsy Tripsy
HK140029 Hungry Bird Marketing Solutions Hungry Bird Marketing Solutions
HK140032 Voizcap Voizcap
HK140033 Bios Bios Inc. – Turning Useless Food Waste into Cash Cow
HK140035 Superholic ‘Cycle-for-health’
HK140040 Ynot Wrecking Law
HK140041 husky Husky Self-Service Organic Farm
HK140044 O'Green Solution The Green Plate Campaign
HK140049 Healthify The Electrocardiography (ECG) Jacket
HK140050 ShoePad Shoepad
HK140051 Thinker Snack and Scan - "bring your snacks into next level"
HK140053 win win Creative Staircases
HK140056 Citethrough Citethrough: The fastest, easiest way to find and share biomedical research products
HK140058 WeFoodie WeFoodie
HK140062 supernova 360° Comforts- revolution on menstraution products
HK140063 Binary Star Rewards Paradise
HK140064 Eldpathy Hong Kong Eldpathy Hong Kong
HK140069 4sure Online EC
HK140072 PC Umbrella Lending Service
HK140076 PiCode Marketing PiCode Marketing
HK140077 Solver Group iSolver
HK140084 InnoLife Engagent
HK140087 Next Generation Glasses Next Generation Glasses
HK140092 HeArt Expresso HeArt Expresso
HK140096 Carmel Trick or Cheeeeeese
HK140103 V-Shine User-friendly Bus Plan
HK140110 Onepoint Onepoint
HK140124 NewBody Empowerment Arm


Congratulations to the above teams.

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to email us at info@ydc.org.hk .




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