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YDC Young Entrepreneur Challenge 2014
Upcoming Events

  JAN -   FEB


Briefing at universities in HK

  4 FEB - 28 FEB


Student Online Registration

 17 MAR


Deadline for Submission of Executive Summary (1000 words)

 29 MAR


Workshop 1: "What do you need to be the next"

 14 APR


Announcement of 36 qualified teams for Round 2 Competition

 26 APR


Workshop 2: "Inside the mind of a successful entrepreneur"

 5 MAY


Round 2 (Semi-Final Round): Deadline of Submission of Business Plan (no more than 5 pages) with one minute visual presentation

 17 MAY


Workshop 3: "Business Plans that sell"

 22 MAY


Networking event 1

  3 JUN - 11 JUL


Voting on one minute visual presentation by general public

 4 JUN


Announcement of 8 qualified finalist teams for Round 3 Competition

 7 JUN


Workshop 4: "Passion and the Entrepreneur"

 19 JUN


Networking event 2

 4 JUL


Round 3 (Final Round): Deadline of Final submission Full Business Plan with maximum 30 pages

 12 JUL


Final Round: Presentation by 10 qualified finalist teams

 17 JUL


Awards Presentation Ceremony

 21 NOV


Networking Event 3


Prizes and Awards

There are few prizes that can adequately take the place of the satisfaction and "street cred" you get from winning a major open competition. Not only will you have distinction of being one of HK's finest entrepreneurs, you will have proven it to the greater public and to yourself. In the process marking you out amongst a community of successful business minds.

Although that might be all you were looking for, the organizers have put together a string of prizes to help the winning teams celebrate their successes.


Cash and In-kind Prizes

1st Runner Up HKD20,000
2nd Runner Up HKD10,000
Technopreneur Award

Sponsored by Hong Kong Science & Technology Park Corporation
Golden Award HKD15,000
Silver Award HKD10,000
Bronze Award HKD5,000
Awardees of HKSTPC Technopreneur Awards can go for the fast track admission into the HKSTPC Incu-Tech or Incu-Bio Programme with the exemption of the technical evaluation from external assessor as long as the company fulfills the programme admission criteria.
Best Visual
Presentation Award
Champion HKD3,000
1st Runner Up HKD2,000
2nd Runner Up HKD1,000
In-kind Prize HKD10,000 in total to sponsor Champion team to attend related conference or workshop in Asia.
HKD10,000 in total to sponsor 1st Runners up team to attend related conference or workshop in Asia.


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