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YDC Young Entrepreneur Challenge 2013
Upcoming Events

  12 FEB - 13 FEB


Briefing at universities in HK

  18 FEB - 8 MAR


Student Registration Online

 9 MAR


Workshop 1: "What do you need to be the next"

 18 MAR


Deadline for Submission of Executive Summary (1000 words)

 17 APR


Announcement of 45 qualified teams for Round 2 Competition

 27 APR


Workshop 2: "Inside the mind of a successful entrepreneur"

 6 MAY


Round 2 (Semi-Final Round): Deadline of Submission of Business Plan (no more than 5 pages) with one minute visual presentation

 11 MAY


Workshop 3: "Business Plans that sell"

 21 MAY


Networking event 1: "Innovation to redefine the online learning platform-- 3D Avatar School"

 3 JUN


Announcement of 10 qualified finalist teams for Round 3 Competition

  3 JUN - 8 JUL


Voting on one minute visual presentation by general public

 10 JUN


Networking 2: "Entrepreneurship and Hong Kong"

 15 JUN


Workshop 4: "Passion and the Entrepreneur"

 2 JUL


Round 3 (Final Round): Deadline of Final submission Full Business Plan with maximum 30 pages

 20 JUL


Final Round: Presentation by 10 qualified finalist teams

 25 JUL


Awards Presentation Ceremony

 13 AUG


Biotech Entrepreneurs Series - A Chat with Prof. Tak Mak


Round 2 Qualifiers

After the comprehensive evaluation of the executive summaries by the Panel of Judges of Preliminary Round, total 45 teams have been selected to enter the next phase of the competition. The list is shown below:


Award Registration No. Team Name Project Title
HK130001 Bulb Mbat
HK130002 Happy Faith Happy Faith
HK130003 Ananas Toxic-Battery-Free Remote Control Solution
HK130005 Around L.CARE
HK130007 i-Solver i-Solver (Solar protective tablet cover)
HK130013 Dream Shines Q4U development.
HK130014 TEAM MAN BAR Fotocard
HK130019 WeZip WeZip
HK130020 Miracle Save&Save
HK130031 Striver Tra and Joe - Online Exchange and Lease Platform
HK130037 Tornado Put On
HK130038 WeR "CleanClear" Dedusted Window Screen
HK130041 RewardShare RewardShare
HK130044 Believeat Norriture Believeat Norriture
HK130053 Renovatio Renovatio
HK130054 4teens Veggies' Choice
HK130056 Giant Loop LOOP
HK130058 VAbulous BusEasy-Where is my bus?
HK130061 The NewBies NewBies Travel
HK130062 Fioritura Fioritura
HK130066 2To Infinity WeShare.com
HK130067 Enterlog Empty-hand
HK130070 Viva arrival New type of funeral service
HK130072 Sensbeat Limited Sensbeat
HK130083 E.B.G. - Everyone's Bill Gates E.B.G. - Everyone's Bill Gates
HK130084 EC Park Nowhere to park? Now & Here with EC Park mobile application
HK130087 The Moment Joint 'n Joy
HK130089 VEVE Click Flick
HK130106 Joint Social Power PowerKiss
HK130111 Dhobi Dhobi
HK130113 Yo!Yo!Dream Yo!Yo!Dream
HK130114 Metamorphosis Cooking MAMA
HK130124 Mission Easy Park Mobile Application
HK130133 Narnia Travelpedia - Inspiring Easy Travelling
HK130134 Conductor BookGPS
HK130135 Movie Partner Movie Partner
HK130141 The Beginners Mastering Technology - For Your Daddy and Mummy
HK130143 Ace Forectricity
HK130144 Dream Catcher E-Care - Care for the Elderly, Care for a better Environment
HK130152 MID Mark-It-Down (MID)
HK130158 IdeaTeam FastMenu!
HK130159 Inno-Chemos (International) Technology Inno-Chemos
HK130164 NEST NEST - Nurture Every Student and Tutor


Congratulations to the above teams.

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to email us at info@ydc.org.hk .




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