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Upcoming Events

  6 JAN - 17 FEB


Student Registration Online

  12 JAN - 9 FEB


Briefing at universities in HK

 23 FEB


Opening Ceremony

 25 FEB


Workshop 1: "What do you need to be the next"

 4 MAR


Deadline for Submission of Executive Summary (1000 words)

 19 MAR


Announcement of 51 qualified teams for Round 2 Local Competition

 24 MAR


Workshop 2: "Inside the mind of a successful entrepreneur"

 31 MAR


Workshop 3: "Business Plans that sell"

  10 APR - 30 APR


Round 2 (Semi-Final Round): Submission of Business Plan (no more than 5 pages) with one minute visual presentation

  7 MAY - 13 JUL


Voting on one minute visual presentation by general public

 14 MAY


Announcement of 10 qualified finalist teams for Round 3 Local Competition

  21 MAY - 29 JUN


Round 3 (Final Round): Final submission Full Business Plan with maximum 30 pages

 24 MAY


Networking Event: Building it in Hong Kong, Speaker : Mr. Douglas Young, Founder of G.O.D.

 2 JUN


10 finalist teams of Local Competition meet with assigned mentors

 9 JUN


Workshop 4: "It's how you say it"

 14 JUL


Hong Kong Final: Presentation by 10 qualified finalist teams

 19 JUL


HK Local Competition Awards Presentation Ceremony

 6 AUG


Regional Final: Presentation by the champion teams from HK and overseas areas and awards presentation at HSBC Main Building


Public Voting of Visual Presentation

Rules & regulations
  • Each person can only cast one vote.
  • Online voting period: 7 May - 13 Jul 2012.
  • The organiser reserves all rights to make final decisions in case of any disputes.


GEILI Tutoring by FOUR Alive  

Witkey model of INNOVA in HK  




Why not?!  

B.O.N.E: base on natural energy  

H2 revolution--The taste of home & healthy  

Shopping Center Indoor Navigation  

Self-customized and eco-friendly Smartphone Cases  

啱不啱 (Arm Butt Arm) and Glass2 (Glass Square)  


Cubon Company  

Heart Savor - Your child's stepping stone to success  

Stain-Cover Pen  


Buy Social Commerce Smart  


WatcHealth( Watch Out Your Health)  


Voice Commander  


Fly Spy  

Red Fish Apparel  

SmartFridge, a revolutionary solution to your kitchen.  

Surfing in the Dark  

Game Dessert  

Driving for the Next Drive  

The Traveller  




Young Intelligence – Youth to Youth  

New fashion social media : Wardrobe  

Yang Sheng Centre Business Plan  

mySteward - No credit card, no cash, no waste of time.  


Smarter World with UniGenius  


Primates - Energy Equals Energy  


* Videos are listed in the order of team registration number.

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